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The UK's only dance course for actors/singers.
Providing courses, classes and workshops specifically designed and tailored for you.

Classes include: 
Ballet | Jazz | Tap | Ballroom | Swing | Historical Dance | Musical Theatre Dance | Mock Auditions
Commercial | Injury Prevention | Pilates | Yoga | Business Management | Performer Branding

'Signing up for CBS is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made.

It's had such a positive impact on my year:

On my mindset, health and happiness!' 


Welcome to CBS Dance

We'd love to have you join what has become a pretty special community and so pleased you've found us. 

Here at CBS we offer a multitude of training in a supportive, professional and encouraging environment.

We thrive off seeing everyone committing to themselves and the results that unfold,

with continual investment and support provided for each individual who joins us. 


With a specific method and structure designed for actors and singers,

our dance courses and classes are like no other.

Complimenting previous training, we ensure all who sign up continue to grow as well rounded performers. 

We will prepare you for a career with longevity and give you the confidence to make the most of every

opportunity that comes your way.

Incorporating a variety of styles, we will ensure you are ready for any dance call. 

In addition to choreography, you will learn the historical background of these timeless styles that are very much a part of traditional and modern Musical Theatre. The combination of strong technique, historical knowledge and applying existing acting skills, our training will help develop and nurture you into a truly prepared and confident artist. 

Workshops in Injury Prevention, Business Management and Performer Branding are also key features on our course, providing you with confidence knowing you are working at your professional peak. 

This is an ever changing industry, with an even higher demand for versatility.

Because our faculty are current industry pros, here at CBS Dance we know what is expected of actors and singers and we will make sure you do too. Plus, working with industry professionals who also know how to really teach is the biggest advantage of all... and we've got that covered.

We'd love to hear from you, so get in touch and let us help you be the best you, you can be.  

Jenny Patrone

Course Creator 

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