'I am loving it.

Definitely feeling more confident each week.'

CBS Dance student 

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All of our classes and workshops here at CBS Dance are designed for you,

the professional actor/singer.

We are here for you to make sure you can train in a professional, supportive and nurturing environment, with some of the most experienced and respected teachers in the U.K.

Our dance classes are progressive, with limited places to ensure improvement
so you get what you need out of our sessions. 

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Online classes


Yes we are now online!

Streaming our classes on Instagram and Zoom we have a fabulous timetable ready to go so you can join us from the comfort of your own home. 

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 'You guys are making such a difference to our mood, our fitness levels & just giving us something we can productively ‘do’ - it means a lot during this time.'

CBS Student 2020

Dance Blocks


Designed for you, the actor singer.

4 weeks of progressive classes to ensure improvement.


Following a structured, set warm up where you will see the improvements as the weeks progress, we then move across the floor, developing technique, general skill set and pick up ability.


As the classes are sign up only, we can tailor each class and therefore develop and build each week.


Preparing you for dance and movement auditions, we  work on a musical theatre style routine, improving pick up speed, developing performance and ensuring you are ready for  that call back!



As well as our regular dance blocks and courses, we also offer the following workshops:

Mock Dance Audition Workshops 

Tax for Performers


Places are limited to ensure feedback for all participants. 

New dates to be announced soon. 

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