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CBS DANCE UK for actors and singers

Don't take our word for it.

Here's what some of our CBSers have to say....

'Week 3 of @dancecbs almost done!

Honestly the best decision I’ve ever made. The teachers there are phenomenal!'


'Reflecting on the past few weeks there's just huge a bump to my confidence and you’ve really helped me get the old career back on track. It’s been so lovely to gain these skills and in such a supportive and caring manner. '


'I feel like I am in an awakening and getting back to doing what is in my heart and that is performing.  Thank you for providing such a nurturing and non-judgmental forum.'


'I 100% wouldn't have got through the dance call without CBS. I honestly was able to go in there without any stress and just enjoy the whole thing, which has never happened before and I got the job!'


'I built so much confidence and joy through the classes. It was amazing to have such a safe and supportive environment to work in. The tutors are just brilliant. Every single person who taught on the course was so valuable to learn from. I fully intend to keep taking classes with any of them whenever I can! I got a huge amount out of every class but the audition technique classes were so unbelievably useful.'


'I enjoyed the CBS course so much. Having never put on a pair of tap shoes to doing a routine to Ferris Beuller is one of my personal highlights. The teachers were great and I always felt encouraged and supported whilst given feedback and corrections. I loved how many styles of dance we studied and enjoyed the different teachers' styles and personalities.

Thanks for a wonderful and challenging 8 weeks.'


'The teaching quality was amazing, I really felt like I was in awesome hands and that everyone really knew their stuff and could explain enigmatic things really effectively!'


'This course is insane. I'm having the time of my life, sorry for the pun! But honestly this course is worth every single penny!

My confidence has grown immensely over the last few weeks.'


'The best thing about the course is the utterly supportive and understanding nature of how it’s run.

I felt like it was a safe space for me to learn and push myself, without judgement.'


'I am so glad I did the course. Aside from gaining practical skills it generally gave me a huge sense of purpose and motivation for 8 weeks. I could really see myself improving and that was so rewarding. The group, and of course all the teachers, were all so supportive; for two whole months, I couldn't wait for Sundays! With the added bonus of the workshops, like I said above, the feeling of progress and purpose I gained helped me feel more confident in my current position / future prospects as

a performer in general.'


'I thought the course was amazing: unbeatable in terms of quality, quantity and variety of classes.

Signing up for CBS is definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made - it's had such a positive impact on my year: on my

mindset, health and happiness!'


'CBS becomes a family and we do our best to support each other's shows.  I have also walked out of movement calls feeling like I nailed the audition, rather than wanting to hide under a stone!'


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