'Week 3 of @dancecbs almost done!

Honestly the best decision I’ve ever made.

The teachers are phenomenal!

CBS Dance student

CBS Dance is like nothing else. 

We offer unique training for actors and singers, a supportive platform

and a community to become a part of.

Most of all, all of the above is for life. 

Our Ethos



Our hashtag that sums it all up.

The heart of our core values all come down to our mission to help you build confidence.  Equipping you with a multitude of tools so you are prepared for any audition and casting, let us help you to build a career with longevity and a career that you love. 

We are a platform for training, a community of support and a family within this industry that is constantly growing and if you'd like to know more, keep reading and reach out if you have any questions and want to see what all the fuss is about. 

Our Training 

Everything we offer is designed for professional performers who feel they would benefit from further dance training. 

Whether you are an actor, singer or musician, we are here for you. 

With a specific method and structure, our approach to every class has each individual in mind. 

When we say 'dance classes for actors and singers', we mean it. 

To enable us to do this, our dance courses and classes are capped so we can adapt our class plans and adjust everything to suit each individual who signs up.

With a faculty who are current creatives and performers in the industry, here at CBS Dance, we continue to ensure our training is relevant and necessary so you receive what you need. 

Complimenting previous training, we strengthen existing dance skills, add depth and fill the gaps so you are prepared.  

Prepared for any dance call, equipped to run your own business, (yes, you are your own business) prepared for a career with longevity and the confidence that you are on the correct path. 

We train you, give you the tools so you can continue to train yourselves and do so, with confidence. 

'​To be successful, you need to be confident.􏰀 

To be confident, you need to be prepared. 􏰁 

To be prepared, you need the tools.'


Incorporating a variety of styles including Swing and Ballroom, we will ensure you are ready for any dance call. 

Teaching not only the steps, you will learn the historical background of these timeless styles that are very much a part of traditional and modern Musical Theatre. 


With classes in the foundation styles of Jazz, Ballet and Tap, the combination of strong technique, historical knowledge and applying existing acting skills, our training will help develop and nurture you into a truly prepared and confident artist. 

Musical Theatre 

Here at CBS Dance, unless you are in a show, post graduation there aren't many opportunities to practise acting and singing at the same time. 

We rarely have to do it for auditions, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be equipped for an 8 show week.

So here at CBS Dance, we take you through our Acting Through Song and Dance workshops.

In these sessions, you will learn the vocals and dance to a musical which is then performed at our showcase.   

Learning what you need to do to prepare you for the demand of singing and dancing at the same time is a skill in itself which is why it's a part of our timetable, and, the opportunity to work with some incredible London Musical Director's too.

'Prepare for the job,

not just the audition.'


Auditions are a part of our job. 

An element of our work and a skill that constantly needs to be worked on.

This is why our mock audition classes are a large part of our programme and are now a part of our external offerings too.

The fear of dance calls for many, is real. Which is why we are here. 

To help you fight those voices and 'face those dancing demons' as once of our students so bravely tweeted on the first day of our first course back in 2016.

So, we have regular mock auditions. 

We teach audition technique, discuss what to wear, how to prepare and organise yourself for auditions in general.

We practise and keep practising learning different styles, working on pick up speed and performing as part of an audition based scenario. 

Most importantly we give feedback. And a lot of it. Individual feedback, general feedback and we share our own experiences from both sides of the table, as choreographers, musical directors and performers. 

Check out the team and see who you could be training with

Business Management 

Being a performer isn't just about performing.

You are a working individual effectively running your own business...you. 

Whether you are employed, contracted or like many, self employed running from teaching, to front of house to rehearsals and back again seven times a week, you have to treat yourself like your own business.

Workshops and lectures in Business Management and Performer Branding with industry specialists are also key features in our course, providing you with confidence knowing you are working at your professional peak in all areas. 

We also offer our annual Tax for Performers workshop led by Equity Accountant Alan Lean. 

Looking After You 


Injury Prevention 

First of all, your body is your work. So look after it.

One of our workshops on our course is Injury Prevention, with the physio's who know best.

Physio Ed. The team who treat working West End performers and know the demands and expectations on your body. 

Running our specially designed Injury Prevention workshops, Physio Ed educate, and give you the tools to help look after yourself physically.

Mental Health 

Having a healthy mind and one that is helping you on your career path is hard work and takes focus and attention.

You need to look after your mind as much as your body, which is why we have our mindfulness masterclass.


Studying mental health awareness and being aware of industry demands means our faculty are here for you.

With several available resources, we aim to ensure you always feel supported throughout your training here at CBS Dance and beyond, and the door is always open. 

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