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Questions about the course

We have collated a number of frequently asked questions about CBS and the training we offer. These are asked pretty much every year and so we thought we'd help you out by popping them below with some (hopefully helpful) answers. Enjoy

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CBS Dance showcase

I still want to attend auditions while I'm doing the course. Is this possible?

Yes! We have designed the course to minimise disruption to your work and audition life. However, we understand things come up.

We recommend you speak to your agent and employers in advance to let them know you are commencing training with us which will help minimise disruption.

I haven't danced in a few years. Am I still okay to join?

The bonus of having capped classes and courses is that we can tailor our offer to suit your needs. The course is ideal for those with some training, looking to dust off the cobwebs and refocus on their skills.

What happens if I sign up to the course and I get a job?

We 100% understand that things change from week to week in a performers life.

As a result we discuss each situation individually with the option of deferring your place.

I can't afford to pay upfront for the course. Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. We offer monthly instalment payment plans and can discuss other options with you individually.

The sooner you apply, the smaller the monthly instalments are, spreading out the cost.

How is the cost of the course worked out?

Our goal is to provide affordable training for the 'jobbing actor' based on a full time 'front of house' wage. When we do the maths, each session works out to around the price of a drop in class with the bonus of a small intake, showcase and additional support.

One of the most reasonable courses on offer in the UK, the support offered continues beyond the 8 weeks.

I've already done my full time training. What can CBS offer me?

CBS is designed to compliment full time training and if there hasn't been a huge focus in dance for you in the past, CBS will be especially worthwhile. We also offer training in styles of dance that are not yet applied to full time training as well as skills needed for post graduation including business management. In addition, you will also get to work closely with some wonderful

professionals that you may not have had the chance to meet yet and become part of a network of pro's, or as we like to say, the CBS tribe.

I haven't done full time training. Can I still apply for the course?

Of course! Many of our students have completed the course in the lead up to auditioning for full time. They have successful gone on to train at leading schools including Arts Ed and Mountview. CBS is designed to compliment full time training whether you join before or after.

The thought of a dance class, let alone a dance audition scares me so much. Can you help?

100%. This is why we are here and this is why we do what we do. We are here to help you make those dancing demons time-step right out the door. If you would like to talk about anything in depth before signing up to class, email us.

I have never taken a dance class. Is it worth me starting now?

100% yes! Dance is for everyone and if you start late, don't worry. We often have absolute beginner classes on our timetable, including some IGTV absolute beginner sessions you can try out at home. We recommend joining some of our classes and then once you're on top of the basics, you'll be ready for the course. We also offer private studio and online sessions if you'd prefer some one-on-one time.

Is CBS Dance recognised in the industry amongst casting directors?

Many casting director's are familiar with CBS Dance. In addition many of our faculty are industry creatives who are regularly a part of casting for productions including our Patron, Musical Director, Stuart Morley.

Do you offer private sessions?

Yes. Email us with what you're wanting to work on and we'll chat further about booking some in. We'd love to help whether it's just for personal development, audition prep or a project you're working towards.


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