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How to prepare for a dance call...even at home.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

A little while ago, I was interview by the lovely John Byrne from The Stage, touching on the subject of preparing for dance and movement calls for all types of castings and auditions.

(Link below)

During our time at home, there are still things we can be doing, with no pressure. Some simple tasks to maintain a little motivation, help keep a smile on our faces and know we'll be okay when things starts to return to some normality.

Be kind

It is certainly a case of taking things one day at a time at the moment, so be kind to yourself and don't feel like you need to be working towards something and surface new and improved. We're not all geared the same way and so, do what you need to do, for you.

Keep things ticking

The one thing we can be sure of, is that shows will reopen, festivals will find life again, rehearsals will commence and we will all embrace and appreciate it like never before.

We don't want all of a sudden to feel overwhelmed when things do, so doing a few bits and pieces will help, especially when it comes to auditions and being able to make the most of being 'in the room.' It's good to check in with our craft and keep things ticking. We do after all do this because we love it, so focus on the good stuff that you yourself get a kick out of and it will help with motivation and genuine mindset during this time.

Take class

If you've been hesitant in the past about taking class...well now is the perfect time to jump in!

So, check out those classes and give them a go. If you're struggling to find motivation to do so, organise a friend to join in with you and then catch up after.

Taking classes regularly will help you maintain a certain level of pick up speed and trying new styles will add versatility. Also, the fitness element as we all know is a huge benefit for the body, brain and ultimately mental health.

Learning through a screen is much harder than in the studio too and is quite a skill in itself (teaching it's not the easiest either!) Try it out, stick with it and once we get back in the room together, picking up choreography will seem like a breeze!

As well as our timetable, there are some top choreographers and teachers offering free classes at the moment so make the most of it. Even if you're an absolute beginner, just sitting with a cuppa watching a more advanced class with a choreographer (who you may audition for in future) will help give you an idea of how they work and how they teach. I always find it fascinating watching people work and there's a lot to be said for observing, so don't be afraid to be a fly on the wall and soak it all up...

Watch and learn

The one thing that we can all be doing is making the most of our couch time.

Expose yourself to the classics. Watch movie musicals, enjoy Fred and Ginger, Fosse, even John Travolta doing his thing. There is something to learn from all styles, all eras.

Be a sponge, enjoy and make the most out of being able to watch movies during the day. :-)

Everyone is different

Everyone has their preferred way of learning and motivation will come at different times.

Just make each day work for you and you will feel all the better for it.

Take time to recharge, learn a little, look after yourself and stay connected.

My interview with John Byrne is below, so have a read and any questions, just ask!

Jenny Patrone

Course Creator


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