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'Forget your troubles, come on get happy.'

Updated: May 22, 2020

Finding the motivation to just 'get happy', bizarrely can be a mission to muster.

But, with the right people around us (even virtually), that battle seems to fizzle, even just a little. And sometimes that's all we need. That something to 'take the edge off.'

That something is community and my community is CBS.

Bees need a hive. Humans need a tribe.

We as human beings are made to be in tribes.

We are designed to work together. Live together. Protect each other.

The people we have around us are so essential and I truly believe, what keep us going.

They are key to ensuring we each won't spiral, won't feel alone.

Somewhere to go if we need a little motivation, some help or advice.

Somewhere to go if we need a laugh and 'forget your troubles.'

We all need that in our lives.

I know I sure do.

Finding your tribe.

The industry, can feel like a pretty lonely place at the best of times. A tribe that we're constantly trying to be a part of. We've all heard this before. It's old news...but yet still relevant. And it's relevant in many industries, not just ours. It can feel like a toxic environment with the constant 'no's, the lack of yes and no's and the competitive nature that seems to breed in the early days of graduation. The need to land the role as good as that person who was the same height and hair colour as you in college. Aspiring to work for people you soon learn treat people disrespectfully, yet having them on your C.V would help so much...urgh!

It's tough, it really is, but one thing I've learnt (says the wise old owl...yawn), is that the industry is a truly magical place with the right people around you. And, the thing is, the industry isn't one tribe. It's hundreds of tribes. And we all have our place in at least one or two...if not more.

The CBS tribe for me, is being surrounded by incredibly talented people who I am lucky enough to call my friends and colleagues. And it's just awesome. They are people who inspire me. People who motivate me and people who constantly make me want me to strive for more, help others more and I suppose, therefore, more confident in myself and my actions.

These people are the faculty, students, the staff at the studios we hire, the family and friends that come along to support us either at a showcase or just a simple like on a Facebook post.

This is my community. The tribe I feel lucky to be a part of and the door is always open, which is what I love about it most.

So if you do one thing today...take a moment and really think about your community. Your 'tribe'.

Your people. The people who you respect. Who respect you. Those who get you and who are there for you. No tests, no stress, just 'there.' Then connect with them. Say hi.

'Shout hallelujah! C'mon get happy.'

Thanks for reading x


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